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Hello! Welcome to the Children’s Church page! St Mary's has a  thriving children’s work on a Sunday and throughout the week, as well as  lots of special events during the year.

The Bible teaches that  children matter to God in a "unique" way! Jesus spoke of the need to  welcome children and, in so doing, we would welcome him and his father  in heaven. Jesus was very pointed in his desire that we" let the  children come to him" without hindrance and with open hands and hearts.

At  St.Mary's we want to make children of all ages feel "welcome!" We know  that the early impressions of Church are made, good or bad, through a  child's first experiences at church.

Our goal is to make "church" a caring, comfortable, secure place for all children.

Unfortunately the COVID situation has severely curtailed our ability to  run our children's activities and so please check on our website to see  what we are doing. However we are pleased to confirm that St.Mary's Tots  is now on again!

For all pre-school children with their parents and carers, our "St.Mary's Tots"  enjoy a short toddler-centred time in church with story and songs and  then meet together in the Family Centre for activities, toys and  refreshments. Time to meet and have a chat and for the children to enjoy  an activity, play and have fun together. Held every Tuesday during term time at 2pm.

For our older children:  "All Stars"  takes places from 10.30 to 11.15 am  every Sunday morning.

The "All Stars"  have their own time to have fun and experience a church of love,  colour, stories, activities, singing and interactive learning.
Every year a group from Year 6  go away for a weekend to the Oakes Christian Centre for fun, friendship and Christian teaching.
Our groups are open to anybody. Just come along one Sunday and join us, no invite needed. You will be made very welcome.

We hope to start "All Stars" again after Christmas

Tots                                  From 0 to 5 years
All Stars                           From 3 to 9 years (F1 to Yr 4)

For more information please contact:
From 0 to 5 years
Maureen Rodgers
07715 291245
All Stars
From 3 to 9 years (F1 to Yr 4)
Lisa Middleton
07946 819886
St.Mary's  also have a Créche   at  the back of church (behind the font)  for  our younger children so that  they will be able to enjoy themselves while the service is in progress.

 This will be available every week at the Sunday Morning 10.30 am  service.. Just ask one othe welcomers for directions! All children are  very welcome!

We  are required by the law to ensure that all the young people in our care  are looked after in a safe and secure environment. We are required to  have a policy and procedures in place to support this. Our safeguarding  policy is available for any one who would like to see it. Click here

Page last altered 30 September 2021

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