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St. Mary's supports the work of the Christian Aid Charity, which does so much for the marginalised and those struggling in the aftermath of natural disasters.
We raise funds for them through the year and particularly support Christian Aid week and in Christian Aid Week 2020 we raised £2,202 , which was  truly amazing since this was during Lockdown where we couldn't pursue our normal fund raising activities.
Christian Aid believes in life before death’. They challenge the causes of poverty, are outspoken for the rights of the poor and marginalised and are agents of change. They believe everyone is created equal, with basic rights. They cross divides of religion, race and nationality, acting as the Good Samaritan. Christian Aidbeennon-governmental performer in the second annual Global Accountability Report produced by the One World Trust. Aid works with and through local organisations in such places as the Democratic Republic of Congo where following ten years of conflict, malnourishment and preventable diseases still claim thousands of lives each week.  
Nadia is one person whose life has been changed by Christian Aid. Nadia’s father died suddenly. Her mother Bridgette struggled to provide for her six children. Even though she works 48 hours a week, sometimes her transport costs are almost as much as her weekly salary. There was no money to pay for Nadia’s schooling, so she had to drop out and care for her younger siblings while their mother worked. Nadia heard about a tailoring course through their local church. The course helps poor girls to develop skills to support themselves and their families. Just £10 can provide a girl with enough material to complete a 12-month tailoring course. Nadia is now confident that she can earn a good living from sewing and she is clear about her priorities:

‘If God helps me… I will do all I can to take care of my siblings and my mother.’

Nadia’s mother has a message for us:
‘You volunteers should not be discouraged when you’re turned away from houses. You should carry on because without that money it would be very difficult for children from destitute backgrounds to get training, get a job and secure their future.’ Your time and money are more valuable than you know. You could give a brighter future to another young person like Nadia.
In our world 852 million people do not have enough to eat, 1.3 billion have no safe water, 2 billion have no access to electricity and 3 billion have no sanitation.  Half the world, nearly three billion people, live on less than $2 a day.  A child dies every five seconds because she or he is hungry.

Over $20 billion is spent on cosmetics in the United States each year – more than double the $9 billion it would take to provide basic water and sanitation for everyone.

For more information about Christian Aid, please go to their website.

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