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Family Centre Booking

Hall (Family Centre) Booking
Our hall facilities include:
Large hall (capacity 150)
Small hall (capacity 30)
Garden area (accessed from the large hall)
Kitchen (including large cooker, dishwasher and water boiler)
To book please contact our Family Centre Administrator and download a booking form: Click Here
Tel: 0115 920 9848

The booking form and rental fee will then be required within 7 days of the provisional booking to ensure your booking is valid. You will receive an email on receipt so that you can be sure of having a formal confirmation.
The charges are as follows:
1 hour                          £30
3 hours                        £80 (party rate)
Day Rate (12 hours)    £300, with each additional hour being charged at £30
When booking please make sure you book for the entire time the Family Centre is needed for.

Terms & Conditions
  1. ·      Payment is in advance on booking and calculated in accordance with the hours stated on the booking form.
  2. ·       The Car Park by the Family Centre/ Hall is for St Mary’s staff, the turn can be used for loading and unloading only.
  3. ·       All meetings must close and the premises cleared and tidied by 10.30pm.
  4. ·       If the kitchen is used, the hirer must wash up and take away from the site all rubbish and leave the premises in the condition in which they found it, with appliances turned off.
  5. ·       Any damage done to the property, fittings, fixtures, cutlery, crockery, glass or any other equipment or any claim made by a third party for bodily injury or damage must be reported to the Parish Office and paid for.
  6. ·      All hirers must ensure that all fire exits remain clear and all exit routes left unobstructed and someone should be appointed to oversee and carry out all safety matters
  7. ·      Smoking is not allowed on any St Mary’s premises
  8. ·      Subletting is not allowed
  9. ·      I/We acknowledge that in exceptional circumstances St Mary’s may have to cancel a letting without being liable for a claim
  10. ·      I/We will return any keys loaned to us
  11. ·     I/We will use the premises by courtesy of the PCC of St Mary’s
The Family Centre, decorated for a Wedding Reception!         
Page created on 24 February 2020
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