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St.Mary's have been running Homegroups for some years and are an important part of our developing as Christians. The goal of all of these groups is ultimately to get to know Christ better and to grow our faith together within a warm and friendly environment outside of the normal church services.

What is a home group?
A home group is a small group of people[6/10 persons] who meet together on a regular basis, usually in someone's home, to enjoy fellowship, build friendships, to grow their Christian faith and share what it means for them in their everyday lives. Small groups make it easier to get to know each other and provide support that isn't always possible in the larger church.

What happens in a home group?
It is anticipated that each group will follow a series of topics, mutually decided by the group with the actual format again decided by the group. The groups may choose to pray together, be quiet together, eat together or whatever…! Don't let that put you off because no one will be asked to do anything that they don't feel comfortable with.

How often will the groups meet?
It is planned that the groups will meet fortnightly throughout the year. Groups will meet on different days and times to suit everybody. You don't have to go, and indeed you may not be able to get to every meeting. However it is beneficial for you and the group to go as many as you are able.

Why should I join a home group?
St. Paul tells us that the church is like a body, and although we are all different, we all have an important part to play in the life of the church. One aspect of church life is spending time with other members learning more about the Christian faith, how we put it into practice in our everyday lives, and supporting one another through prayer and offering practical help. You may say that you're not religious enough to do that, but no-one has all the answers and it is a real opportunity for everybody to learn together, no matter what their experience.

How do I join a home group?
There is no special procedure required to join a homegroup and you are welcome to join at any time. It is much more important that you join a homegroup when you want to and so please ask one of the clergy or contact Ed Sands and they will put you in touch with the appropriate homegroup.

Are there any home groups running at the moment?
Yes, we have 6 groups meeting throughout the week on nearly every day. For more information contact Ed Sands on 0115 920 2023 or one of the clergy.

Once a month on a Wednesday lunchtime      
Every 2 weeks on a Wednesday evening      
Every 2 weeks on a Thursday evening   

11.00 am Venue Changes
7.30 pm 96 Middlebeck Drive
7.30 pm 9 Tene Close

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