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Lent Course 2019

St. Mary’s Lent Course – Experiencing God’s Love
We will be meeting together in Church every Tuesday evening during Lent starting at 7.00 pm on Tuesday March 12th, to study “Experiencing God’s Love” by Steven Croft. He is co-creator of the Emmaus and Pilgrim courses.

Experiencing God's Love is a short study course that aims to deepen our understanding and first-hand experience of living a life of faith.
Over 5 sessions, it explores five biblical images of the ways in which our lives are changed by walking with Christ:

Tuesday 12th March        Being securely rooted in prayer and scriptures;
Tuesday 17th March       Cleansed through baptism, confession and forgiveness;
Tuesday 24th March       Enlightened through worship, mission and growth in holiness;
Tuesday 2nd April          Tended through care for one another and the world;
Tuesday 9th April           Welcomed in the Eucharist and in the fellowship of the Church.

Worship, an audio introduction, bible study, discussion starters and questions will make for stimulating and thought-provoking evenings. Refreshments will also be available.

 We are asking that the normal homegroups stop for this period and that all group members come along to this course instead. The joint course is open to everyone within the church fellowship, young and old, new to the faith and mature Christians.  If you have never been in a homegroup before, you will be especially welcome as it is a great opportunity to find out more about our faith in a group environment.

Last update 8th March 2019
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