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Mothers' Union

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The Mothers' Union is a Church of  England Charity originally for mothers within the church. Membership is  now open to all men and women alike.

Apart from monthly meetings  for our own members, St Mary's reaches out beyond the parish boundary.  We have helped to send needy families for a weeks holiday on the East  Coast, raised money to help the work of the Church overseas, supported  the Mothers' Union Disaster Relief Fund and contributed to funding a  literacy campaign in parts of Africa. On the left is a photo of the new  Mothers' Union banner being dedicated.

Our meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 1.45 pm, changing to 2.00 pm in Januyary 2022, in the Family Centre.
For more information, please contact Mary Norris
Tel: 0115 926 5890

Page was last altered on 21 November 2021

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