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National Day of Prayer

There is one thing we can do throughout this terrible time and that is 'PRAY'

We are keeping church open for 1 hour everyday between 6.00pm until 7.00pm for private prayer, prayer candles can be lit at the prayer station.

The Quiet prayer time will conclude with a prayer for the nation.

Our Archbishops are also calling for a National Day of Prayer on Mothering Sunday (22nd March) - light a candle at 7pm and put it  in your window, ring someone who is isolated and vulnerable. You might also like to light a candle in your window at home!

Pray together the prayers developed for home use.

Find Psalm 23 and read it aloud.  The Shepherd’s song is about real life, not an idealised picture. It  speaks of suffering and facing enemies.

Whether we are confident and brave, or doubt-filled and fearful, God is the source of love and hope. Why not say the Lord’s prayer – “Our Father who art in heaven ….” when you wash your hands. It takes more than the recommended 20 seconds.
So, we are inviting you to join us from today, for 7 days, in praying the Lord’s prayer every time you wash your hands. Yes – for seven days! And then pray throughout the day for healing for those who are sick with COVID-19; and that God will heal us from the fear which will prevent us from working together.

May the wisdom of God lead the doctors, nurses and researchers, that they may know God’s protection; and that God will guide the leaders of the nations into the ways of justice and peace. And that the love of Christ will surround us and take away our anxiety and give us His peace. May He hear us and heal us.

With the hope that you will find, then act. Where someone is ill, encourage them. Where someone dies, remember that, as the foundation of our faith for over two thousand years, we have believed that God shared the pains and fears of our lives in Jesus Christ, that He faced death, but overcame it. And He is with the bereaved.
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