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About Us
God is building us together as a community to declare his praise in worship and proclaim his message in word and action.( 1 Peter 2 vs 1 - 10 )
In a society that grows increasingly more materialistic, more impersonal and uncaring, it is important to find a place, where you are welcome, a place where you can find fellowship, a place that can help you find meaning and purpose for your life.
If you are looking for that kind of place, you are truly welcome here!
Worship and mission are what we are about. These twin responsibilities require regular prayerful attention. As a church we have discussed where and into what action we believe God is calling us and as well as continuing to review our worship, mission activities and pastoral care in the church, we recognize particular needs at this time that deserve special attention. We are aiming to be a church which:
   Is energised by faith
   we will strengthen and develop our homegroups/small groups
   we will involve more people in using their gifts
   Has an outward-looking focus
   we will work at connecting with the 20-45 age group more effectively
   we will identify community concerns and projects where we should be involved
   Seeks to find out what God wants
   we will pray together more, listen to God and be more open to him
   Makes room for all
   we will make welcome all newcomers and help them to quickly feel part of our Church Family

Our only wish at St.Mary's is that you share our mutual aims. You may be seeking a faith that is relevant or you may come as a believer. For whatever reason you have come to our church, we believe our purpose will serve to meet your needs. We want you to experience Christ and to be able to share that experience with others.

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