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Update end February 2021

From  the Church Wardens

As the days get longer, the weather warmer, Spring is coming with the hope of Lockdown restrictions being slightly eased so we might look a little further ahead. A lot has been happening over the past few weeks at church:

St. Mary’s Community Kitchen - In January we were approached by Gedling Council and Arnold Fire Service who proposed a joint project with us to be called St. Mary’s Community Kitchen to feed local children and those in need with a free hot meal to be cooked and delivered by volunteers in a Covid19 safe way from St Mary’s Family Centre kitchen. Planning is underway, we are expecting to begin soon initially on Saturdays and later another day in the week.
This is a wonderful opportunity for us to reach out to the community in a very practical way. This is not a new idea as several members have been praying for us to be able to serve in this way for the past few years. Please pray for the volunteers and smooth running of the project

The Clock - Over the last few months the Church clock has not worked. The problem started before Christmas and despite John Broom’s heroic efforts to get it started it continued to stop at 8:00 o’clock in the morning. The problem was with the curfew mechanism which starts the chimes in the morning after being silenced overnight. Cumbria Clocks came to do a yearly service in January and fix the problem. The clock was serviced, and the mechanism adjusted but the fix was only temporary. Cumbria clocks sent another engineer last Thursday who spent three hours up the tower with John fiddling with the mechanism. The clock now works but doesn’t chime the hour and needs more work. Part of the mechanism is worn and needs replacing. We are waiting for the estimate.

The Family Centre door - For over a year we have had problems with the oak door on the Family Centre. The frame is rotten and the rain has swollen the door so it is difficult to open and close. Ron Price has, on a number occasions planed and adjusted the door to make it work but it continues to swell and cause problems. We have looked at alternative replacement doors in UPVC and oak and consulted the council. The council have to grant permission for the replacement door as it is on a public building and want a like for like replacement in oak. We have received
estimates ranging from £4600 to £7000+. The council have given us a grant towards the work, but we need to find the rest. Fund raising is ongoing as usual!!

Church central heating pump - A few weeks ago the heating in church started to fail.
Yet another challenge for us! After several visits from of H&V services the pump was identified as the problem.
It dated back to the original boiler installation and was well past it’s sell by date H&V have replaced the pump at cost but when we get the bill it is estimated to be in the region £800 to £1000. No doubt we will rise to the challenge as always and we will be warm when church opens again.

David Rodgers and Liz Turley


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