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Welcome to St.Mary's, Arnold.

St. Mary's is a busy church, which is situated just outside the centre of Arnold, off the Calverton Road. It has stood at the heart of our community for nearly 1000 years. The folk of Arnold people have worshipped here, cherished the building and maintained a tradition of ministry and care for our community.,

In everything we do, we are focussed on community, Bible reading, worship and prayer.

If this is your first visit, why not find out more about us by exploring our website? We hope this will encourage you to come along to one of our services. You will be very welcome!
On the pages of this website, you will find different articles and information about ministries and groups within our community. They are all important to us and each is a different facet of the commission God has given us. It is our desire and hope that wherever you get involved, you will find the same values and vision at the heart of all we do, from outreach to the young people in Arnold to reaching out to everybody in our community.
Vicars  Vestry Time or Surgery
The Vicar is  in the church vestry on the 3rd Wednesday of every month,  to take  enquiries and bookings for weddings and baptisms from 6.00 to  7.30pm and also anyone, who needs a word with th vicar.

If you would like a longer appointment, please contact the vicar to arrange.
News from Southwell Diocese
Thy Kingdom Come 2018 - 10th to 20th May

"We are again invited to pray for our nation in 2018. For more information about this year, please visit the website. We will let you know what St.Mary's will be doing a little nearer the time!

The Archbishop reflects on 'Thy Kingdom Come 2017' in the following video clip, which is also available on our facebook page.

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